Monday, 7 August 2017

Passion, Mastery and Expertise

A good day for the ego of this blog's owner, with two very much appreciated compliments coming within a few hours of each other.

One of, if not the, nicest comments about this blog is above, coming via Twitter, and thank you very much Mr. Irish Whiskey, while Miguel Rodrigues had this to say via a comment:
Ty for the reference, as for my references regarding this blog I think there is not even a discussion no one shares the passion, mastery and expertise that you show here for almost a decade on a daily basis, and to be honest you can find some OK forums, some OK betting sites with articles but the blog sphere is quite poor
I was 17 years old in 2011 when I created twitter (adonis)
Regarding my profile cover on twitter I hope Bolton and Palace are not rivals

Have a nice week, all the best
This blog, currently around seven months shy of a decade, has certainly outlasted many of its contemporaries. At the outset, I wouldn't have bet too much on it lasting a decade, unless the price was value of course, but even the current 1.01 is starting to look value, a debilitating stroke, heart attack or serious accident notwithstanding. 

I am a little confused by the Bolton reference above. Perhaps conflating Brighton and Hove Albion and Bolton Wanderers is excusable when you're Portuguese. 

I confuse Aves and Chaves in the Portuguese League, which admittedly is nothing to Braga about and not very Sporting, but in my defence I'd had a glass or two of Porto.

With a sick bucket handy, I risked another visited to Miguel's homepage, and was relieved to see that the nightmare image of Tony Bloom and others celebrating promotion, has been replaced with that of former Bolton Wanderers and Super Eagle star Jay-Jay (so good, they named him twice) Okocha. Long may he reign on Adonis's homepage. 

Unfortunately not everyone is happy with the blog. 
While there has been plenty written about underdogs over the years, I have to admit that the dogs Tony is interested in are of no interest to me at all. 

Fortunately the newly launched SportsTradingTools is more familiar with the subject than I (honestly, it would be hard not to be) and responded with:
You'll likely find many of the pro traders don't trade Greyhounds as the liquidity is quite poor in those markets compared to other sports
Perhaps I'm missing a trick, but I really don't see illiquid Greyhound markets as likely to offer any value to an outsider. 

Covering a number of sports does help to add variety to this blog, and it is said that variety is the spice of life, but don't expect dogs to be added to the list.

Tomorrow, a baseball update. 

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Doc Sportello said...

Hi Cassini.

I sincerely hope you won't be hanging up your boots any time soon, as I've only just stumbled upon your blog. Terrific stuff. I've even managed to squeeze some money out of the T-Bone runlines since then. My only sorrow is that the amount of interesting writing on this blog probably exceeds my brain's ability to absorb information.

Greetings from Norway, and have a pleasant week.