Sunday, 7 April 2019

Sliding Into The Playoffs

Hopefully a few of you were able to make a little money on the Winnipeg Jets last night, as they ended the regular NHL season with another win for the Basic system.

Using the US method of calculating returns based on risking the line to win one unit when playing favorites, the returns for recent seasons are:

Betting with level stakes gives a profit of 8.84 points and an ROI of 11.8%.

Although fewer matches means that there is more volatility in the playoffs, and some meaningless ROIs, this system has also performed well in these games.
Fully seven of those 22 wins, and no losses, were provided by the Pittsburgh Penguins, who are again in the playoffs this year, which begin on Wednesday, coincidentally the last day of the NBA's regular season. 

Backing Overs on high totals has been the play all season in this league, and although at one time March looked to be heading for a big loss, a final week of 12 wins and 6 losses meant the loss was small. At 13 - 7 in April so far at the 225.5 entry point, the season will again end nicely in profit following this strategy. 

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