Wednesday 19 January 2022

Opinions and Reactions Galore

A veritable feast of comments related to my two most recent posts, and in time sequential order, here they are.

First up was AT on the Killer Villa post, pointing out that:

Hey mate the Betty Blogger link is broken. Would love to read it!
Well that's an easy one to fix, and I'm glad someone pointed it out. The link is now correct, but to pre-empt any disappointment, I should caution that the link was to Betty's Twitter feed and not specifically to his (her?) research into the other major leagues in Europe which I believe hasn't been publicly shared. But despite his unfortunate choice of football club, he's a decent chap so a polite request might work.

Next up on the same post, and my old friend Dr Tsouts commented:
I believe there are more than one readers who are betting on draws, at least two including me! I also started to track draws in Serie B and top 2 Spain leagues. There are some Twitter accounts with draw picks and one of them also suggests the 1-1 correct score with good returns.
Again, here is the Twitter link for the good doctor and if you want further details on Serie B or the Spanish divisions, or indeed want to follow some of these Draw suggesting accounts, you can always ask. 

I haven't looked at Serie B for a long time. A league where the Draw can be odds-on towards the end of a season makes me a little uncomfortable. As for La Liga, this comment supports Betty's findings, but I can't vouch for the Segunda DivisiĆ³n claim.

Finally, while apples are supposed to keep such professionals away, my post on Comparing Apples had the opposite effect with the Dr. showing up again, this time to say about the NFL Small Road 'Dogs and the variations in ROI to be expected:
Currently with a 44-24 record for me and a ROI almost 29% I am happy to leave it here and wait for next season! But this is not the whole picture. I also played straight wins with a record 21-19-1 (there was one tie, right?) and an extraordinary 39% ROI! Thanks Cassini!
Music to my ears! An unsolicited, but nevertheless very welcome, independent verification of the numbers. If the career in medicine doesn't work out, might I suggest a move to auditing, although I'm not understanding the SU record of 21-19-1. The 68 Small Road 'Dogs went 37-31 straight up, and I'm not seeing where the 41 selections come from.

Nevertheless, it's very pleasing to hear / read that someone is making money from this system.  


Dr Tsouts said...

I started with handicaps and later i added the straight wins,this is the reason there are less selections. Medicine career is working fine at the moment but who says no to an extra income if possible?

Unknown said...

Hey, good doctor link is broken