Monday 11 September 2023

Draws and NFL Return

It's only Week One, and we still have a short season ahead of us, but it was an excellent start to the NFL season for Sacred Manuscript subscribers with the seven selections going 6-1. 

Five teams won their matches straight-up, and the only loss was the Carolina Panthers. There were also four qualifiers for the Divisional System and three of these selections were also winners.

It's a little different to last season when the system didn't move into profit until Week Six, ultimately ending with a 37-29-3 record. It won't often be this good of course, and College Football had a losing week, but at 2-3 for the season we're not in terrible shape, and from what I can tell, hardly anyone follows the College game anyway! 

It's always good to know that someone is reading this blog, and in regard to the NFL, Larry asked:
Was it on your blog I read about prime time unders or somewhere else? Anyway Thursday night and Sunday night football both going unders so far.

I've certainly mentioned the idea of backing the Unders on a Thursday Night in this blog, as far back as 2016 in fact, but I'm not sure I can claim credit for the Sunday Night observation. The NFL also has a long-standing Monday Night game also, and looking at Larry's suggestion, there are some interesting things that I shall be adding to the previously mentioned manuscript in the next day or two. 

There was some good news regarding the Draws in the Segunda DivisiĆ³n which I had mentioned were not delivering yet, and the tide was turned this weekend, although only slightly with the two winners from six selections generating a small profit, but at least the losing sequence has reset to zero which is psychologically important.

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