Wednesday 27 September 2023

Missed Bets, Missing Draws

One of the challenges with betting when you are keeping 'official' records of a system is that they almost always will not match up exactly with your actual returns.

While updating my numbers from the weekend's NFL games which I mentioned in the last post brought the record for the season to 23-7 and 14.9 units in profit, I saw that the 'official' line for Monday Night's Los Angeles Rams bet was +3, but the only bet I had on this game was on the Totals. 

At the time I checked the prices, the Rams were not a qualifier for the Small Road 'Dogs System, but 'officially' they were, so to keep everything straight, the NFL season record for all systems is now a combined 25-7-1. 

Other than reducing the ROI slightly, the Push makes little difference, but I'd also failed to include a couple of Totals bets so it would seem that not enough caffeine had been consumed. The systems are now 'officially' up 16.8 units, which just about covers the 'official' losses for the Segunda Division which now stand at 14.52 units.

The number of Draws in this league is currently on pace to be fewer than the 23.42% strike rate of the 1975-76 season but there are still 385 matches to go and the number of goals per game isn't a concern, just slightly above the 50 year average for this league.

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