Tuesday 3 October 2023

Buying Time

Another weekend wrapped up with the NFL Monday Night game a winner for the Totals System, although these only went 1-2 in Week 4. 

I thought there was only one qualifier for the Small Road 'Dogs System this weekend in the NFL, but the 'official' results showed that there were actually two games. 

When I ran the query about 30 minutes before the early games began, and the one result was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3 at New Orleans Saints, which was also a Divisional game. I'd read earlier that:

As I noted in my reply, with Small Home Favourites over the last ten years (550 bets) hitting at just 42%, this wasn't a bet I'd have been comfortable with, and certainly not at -120 (1.833) but then you wonder or worry what the backer knows that you don't. 

Well not much perhaps, because the Road' Dog won rather easily 26-9 although for the record, my stake was a little smaller and I had the Bucs at +4 at 2.06.

The game I missed out on was a loser, actually a double loser, as it was also a Divisional game. Sometimes these work in your favour, and sometimes they don't, so officially the NFL results for this round come to 3-4, and for the season to date combined are now 28-11-1. 

The College Systems made up for the one loser going 7-6-1 for the week and for the season are now 28-16-2. 

The EPL Draw System was back in action with three selections, and one winner for a small profit, and was arguably a little unlucky not to have a second winner with the Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool game. 3 winners from 8 for the season, and +2.31 units. 

Perhaps the tide has turned for the Segunda División Draws with three long overdue winners from the five selections reducing the units lost so far this season by 4.61 to 9.92

September overall ended up slightly positive, an outcome that was in the balance until the final trading day on Friday. It was the first month since September 2019 when the total was less than four figures, but at least this time the number was green. 


The above quote, or similar, is often bandied about, but it's not exactly true as one reply noted and Nick has addressed himself:
Looking after your health may be able to buy you more time?

Presumably this was posed as a question because being in excellent health isn't going to help you if a meteorite lands on your head, but since most of us die from natural causes rather than accidents, looking after yourself is a good idea and with that in mind, I am once again taking on the Sober October challenge. In 2021 I achieved it but last year, not quite. 

With an 87% correlation between weight and alcohol days, the pounds will come off, though October 2021's loss of 20.8lbs is unlikely to be beaten given I'm at a lower starting weight. The further away you are from ideal, the harder it is to lose them.  

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