Tuesday 10 October 2023

Europe v USA

Another week behind us, and mixed results as usual. It would be nice for all systems to win all the time, but of course that is unrealistic, but so long as the gains exceed the losses in the long run, we're doing ok. European regular season football does seem to be a struggle these days though. In the Ryder Cup of sports investing, the Americans currently have the upper hand! 

First to American Football where the NFL results were disappointing but fortunately there weren't many selections with only one Road 'Dog bet which never looked like winning. 

There were three selections for the Totals systems with just the one winner, but the College version of the game more than compensated. Here, the eight College bets had six winners and one push.

For the season to date the American Football systems are a combined 63-31-4 for a profit of 30.12 units with both sports, and all six systems, profitable so far.   

In "proper" football, the EPL Draw system had just one selection, Arsenal v Manchester City, which ended 1:0, so at least the Unders came in at 1.86 for those who play this strategy. For the season, the Close selections are now up just 0.31u with the Toss-Up selections +2.07u. Hard work! 

We had one Draw from the two La Liga's Segunda DivisiĆ³n selections at the weekend, but the terrible start to the season means we're still in a hole down 13.15u. and the Bundeslayga system is also down this season by 10.66u despite a small profit at the weekend.

But to end with more good news, and some of you may recall my MLB post from last year about byes not necessarily being a positive for teams and that trend has paid off nicely again this season so far with three of the four rested teams losing the first game of their series. 

As I mentioned, backing 'Dogs at this stage of the season is historically where the value is, and this strategy is up 6.2u so far. 

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