Thursday, 12 February 2009

A Brief History Of Time

Continuing on the subject of physical reactions to wins / losses, and something else I’ve noticed proof of is that time is not a constant.

We all know from our physics lessons that time is relative, and that time slows down the faster we approach the speed of light. (Indeed, it has been suggested that my youthful appearance today is proof of this, since in my younger days I was quite the sprinter…), but I also suspect that time speeds up when I find myself in a high-stress situation.

I need to make a decision fast, but often don’t make it quite fast enough when under stress. I decide to cut my losses on a trade and close my position, but by the time I place the bet, the price has moved. I hesitate to close out at the new price, but decide it is the best decision. So I enter the new bet, and again the price has moved against me.

If my theory is correct, then it explains why people in stressful situations age so quickly.

Incidentally, how frustrating is it that whilst time-travel into the future is theoretically possible, there is no way back to the past to place that guaranteed bet!


Anonymous said...

I am thinking of entering "the talk nonsense for England World Championships". Would you like to be my doubles partner?


Cassini said...

Some people still think Darwin was crazy. In years to come, people will be talking about Cassini's Theory of Stressability.