Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Betfair India

So Slumdog Millionaire is available at 1.53/1, "in line with international betting websites"!

Where? I want some.

The Academy Awards are one of the few non-sporting events that I get involved in. They can be quite lucrative, but I recommend closing out before the event goes in-play. Liquidity thereafter is very poor, and if you are left holding a position, it can be tough on the old ticker.

The article in full:

Indian punters bet big on 'Slumdog' Oscar success: report 21 hours ago

MUMBAI (AFP) — Indian gamblers are staking big money on "Slumdog Millionaire" winning the best picture, best director and best music awards at this year's Oscars, a report said Tuesday.

The Economic Times said that an estimated one billion rupees (20.5 million dollars) was riding on the outcome of the Academy Awards, for which the hit British film with an Indian cast and crew has 10 nominations.

With the exception of casinos and lottery games in some states and despite Indians being among the world's most enthusiastic gamblers, organised betting is illegal in India and largely an underground activity.

"We are accepting bets for three things -- A.R. Rahman (best music category), the movie (best picture category) and Danny Boyle (best director category)," one unnamed Mumbai-based bookmaker was quoted as saying.

Another in the city of Ahmedabad, in neighbouring Gujarat state, said betting on "Slumdog" has been gaining momentum since the end of a recent cricket match between India and Sri Lanka.

"Bets worth (200-300 million rupees) have been accepted in my circle in the past few days."

Odds for "Slumdog" winning best picture are being offered at 1.53/1, in line with international betting websites. Indian bookmakers put Boyle as 1.55/1 to win; and Rahman at 1.25/1, the business daily said.

The Oscars take place on February 22.

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