Monday, 9 February 2009

Singing The Blues

It appears that Roman Abramovich reads this blog. As a result of seeing that Chelsea’s failure to beat Hull City on Saturday was the only blemish on my Saturday Premier League investments, he has decided to fire Luiz Felipe Scolari after less than 8 months in the job. Apparently fifth place in the Cassini Ratings And Performace (CRAP) standings is not good enough.

Of course, it is possible that this is just a coincidence, but was Chelsea’s decision to act so ruthlessly driven by Portsmouth’s not so unexpected sacking of Tony Adams? (Portsmouth are ranked above only West Bromwich Albion, Stoke City and Bolton Wanderers).

Possibly Chelsea are so keen to snap up Adams that they realized they had to act fast and get rid of Scolari, but I will not be putting too much on Adams in the Next Chelsea Manager market. In fact, I won’t be putting ANY money on ANYONE in this market, unless my son gives me some inside information as to who they might have in mind.

I’ve written before that these markets are a minefield to anyone who doesn’t have insider knowledge. I stand by that, although I could be tempted to lay Tony Adams at a very generous price. Wait, that doesn’t sound right…

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