Sunday, 1 February 2009

Million Dollar Traders : Traders

I didn't get a chance to write about the last episode of Million Dollar Traders before, but while I await a goal in the Liverpool v Chelsea game I do have a moment. It was quite a dramatic episode, with one firing, and three 'in-sympathy' walk-outs, leaving just three traders. The group ended up slightly down over the period, but ahead of the hedge fund index for the same period. One trader summed up the experience as like "playing chess against the rest of the world" - a sentiment I share and have commented on before myself. The boss man, Lex, showed an astonishing lack of mathematical understanding when he said that in one month he made 0.3%, the next he lost 1%, so overall he was down 0.7%. What? Admittedly with those numbers, he's close, but if I make 50% in one month and then lose 50%, believe me, I am not even.


Anonymous said...

Good results Cassini,

Jan was also my second best month ever. June 08 was my best.

February is shcocker so far.

Have you read Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking (Hardcover)
by Malcolm Gladwell ?


Cassini said...

Yes Sweetybt - it's a fascinating book, and one I think I've mentioned in the blog before. I find that when trading in-play, it's best to follow that 'blink' instinct if it shouts 'value' rather than analyse it and miss the opportunity.

What do you mean "February is a shocker so far"? It's not even three days old yet!

Rob Williamson said...


He was down 0.703%.

Close enough for me!