Monday 2 February 2009

Beating The Clock

For anyone using BETDAQ, be aware that it appears that API users can beat the clock there using the method that was used on Betfair a few years back. For those who don’t know, the method was essentially to submit a bet just prior to a potential price-changing event, and to cancel it four seconds later if the event did not occur.

For example a bet would be submitted just as a bowler made his delivery, and if a wicket fell, the bet would not be cancelled. Betfair closed this loophole, but it is being reported that, by using an API, this same method still works on the BETDAQ site.

Also, on Betfair, it appears that the 8 second delay on Spanish games is no longer enough. From the Betfair forum are a number of stories of bets being hovered and large sums of money appearing just prior to the Suspension in several games.

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