Sunday, 1 February 2009

Monthly Review - January

Time flies like an arrow (sorry, can’t resist it – ‘and fruit flies like bananas’) and it’s hard to believe that February is here already. Despite the Premium Charges which are proving to be a bit of a setback, January was my second best month ever, behind only January of 2008. Of course this means that with Betfair’s 60 week rolling time-frame for calculating how much to steal, I mean deduct, from our accounts, my two best months ever are both currently being included. Roll on March, or perhaps I should say ‘roll off January’.

I’m not sure why January has proven to be such a good month for the past two years, although in the interest of full disclosure I should add that January 2007 was my worst ever month. I don’t consciously do anything different (except in 2007, but I learned my lesson from that), but January certainly seems to be a month of extremes.

February is at the other end of the scale, ranking 9th with a daily average just 26% of January. Why so much lower? Only one NFL game, and the NBA All-Star break means less matches could be two reasons. Valentine’s Day means a forced break in investing (although how fortuitous that this year it falls on the same weekend as the All-Star break.) My February luck is changing already.

As for today’s Superbowl, it’s hard to see the Cardinals amazing run continuing. I fancy their luck to run out against a hard-hitting, experienced Steelers team who have a lot of players who won it all as recently as 2006. If you’re punting on the game, take the Steelers -6.5.

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