Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Is It Really This Easy?

Some people just can't believe the money to be made on Betfair. With discipline, it is possible to make serious money. Late goals can be worth a fortune, and although I have often been the victim of these, sometimes they can work in my favour. The NBA can be lucrative too...

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Nice one!


Graeme Dand said...

Hi Cassini.

I'm planning on dusting down my blog for a post on this subject but what's your own view on all these new blogs this year where the guys make £1k a day trading as if it's taking sweeties from a baby?

Are these genuine?

Would you write a daily blog saying you'd won X if you had won yet another £1k that day?

Who benefits from these blogs? Which companies benefit? Why have they all appeared at the same time? Where have they been for the last X years?

I've my own ideas on what is happening but I'd be keen to hear your view mate as always.


Cassini said...

Hi Graeme - I am always skeptical about these claims, and the idea of this post was to illustrate just how easy it is to fudge a screenshot showing fantastic wins. Why would people write blogs like this ("Here's how I traded the Superbowl... I made a million")? Well, some I am sure need the attention. Others possibly are doing the ground-work for a recruitment drive somewhere down the road. "For just £1,000 join my private club, and share the riches with me". The loudest hummer is not the best bee.

Anonymous said...

If you are refering to Adam Heathcote and the similar blog then I would back at 1.12 that it was just a Bet Angel advert.


Cassini said...

Speaking for myself, I haven't actually seen that blog. Graeme may have.

Anonymous said...

If you are interested the link is http://adamheathcote.blogspot.com/ I can't remember the other blog that started on the same day which also used the words "Bet Angel" about 700 times along with winnings averaging over £1000/day. I see yesterday he even wrote an article concerning this topic. I can't say I've read much of it in the last few weeks but I remember at the beginning thinking even half the comments he had were made up.


Cassini said...

Thanks for that. Interesting. I had a quick look, and noticed a definite lack of losing screenshots in there, and no evidence or details describing exactly HOW these "profits" are being made. As I understand it, many people on Betfair with a lot more experience do not make much money trading horses, so it would be fascinating to hear what this guy does that is so different.

As I've said before, horse-racing isn't for me. If this guy has found an edge, then hats off to him, but I remain highly sceptical. Part of the reason is the picture self-captioned "A nice picture of me smiling"? The pscychologist in me says 'narcissist' - a disorder that interestingly includes "preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance...".

Or am I just a jealous old cynic?