Saturday, 21 February 2009

Very In Terra Sting

An interesting afternoon, with the highlight being Weymouth's 0-9 defeat at home to Rushden and Diamonds. (I'm a Palace fan - what do I know about 9-0 defeats!) I wrote that Weymouth 'appeared' to be good value, and certainly based on the ratings that was true. However, as I suspected, (and as Curly pointed out later), I was certainly missing something - the something being the Weymouth first team! The lesson to be learned is that these ratings can very soon be rendered obsolete by off-field events. A transfer deal can certainly have this effect, but losing the entire team is taking this to an extreme.

Not that I ever like losing £10, but that was a cheap lesson and a reminder that although I suspect there is value to be found in the lower leagues, due diligence needs to be applied at all times. Quite funny really, and at least my Premium Charge will be slightly reduced next week!

The other lower league investments could hardly have fared any worse, and they didn't, with the result of the day for me being the draw between Barrow and Grays Athletic. Finding draws may be what my ratings are best at. Worcester City and AFC Wimbledon obliged in the Blue Square South, and Oxford United, Cambridge United and Altrincham all came through in the Blue Square Premier resulting in a (very) small non-league profit, which, yes, should have been £10 more.

The four Premier League DRAW NO BET selections were disappointing, with Aston Villa and West Ham United both losing, the other two matches ending as draws. (There's those draws again...)


alex said...

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Cassini said...

Sure - you've been added!

Anonymous said...

Unlucky Cassini, sometimes mistakes are worth learning.


P.S. I tried replying twice on another one of your posts yesterday and it didn't show - any ideas?

Cassini said...

No idea Curly - everything should be wide open