Sunday, 28 June 2009

Don't Mix Religion And Sport

The result of today's Confederations Cup was as expected, even if the manner of victory wasn't.

The USA actually looked half decent, and their second goal was very well taken. Brazil were the better team though, and the 1000-1 layer of the USA got away with one.

I do have one gripe though. Before the World Cup in South Africa next year, FIFA needs to get a grip on these simpletons being allowed to parade around in, or wave, tee shirts saying "I BELONG TO JESUS" or similar. They might as well wave banners saying "I'm a Mindless Wanker". It's absolutely infuriating and just as I believe that politics and sport shouldn't mix, neither should religion and sport. Religion and intelligence don't mix either!

Anyway, I was so discombobulated that I lumped a few hundred quid on Kenny Perry to win the Travelers Championship at 1.09 which is not a strategy I usually adopt although it looks like it will pay off.

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PhilipH said...

Totally agree. I've always thought that religion and politics should have no place in sport (nor in a myriad of other things either!).

Cheers Phil.