Sunday, 28 June 2009

Oh Lay, Oh Lay

Meltdown on the football forum after the last few minutes of the Confederations Cup semi-final between Spain and South Africa. I was getting a little nervous about my 0-0 lay, (which was down to 1.8), but on 73 minutes South Africa went ahead.

I should have then layed the Unders markets instead of sitting around feeling rather pleased with myself. Goals in the 88th, 89th and 90th minutes saw both Under 2.5 and 3.5 smashed. Approximately £14k had been backed on each. Also, the 2-2 score traded at 1000 for £6 - that will pay for a nice holiday for someone this summer. After 72 goalless minutes, I agree the chances of a final score of 2-2 were slim, but 1000 seems like a poor value lay. Backing at that price just doesn't suit my style though. I need a steady flow of winners rather than an occasional longhot.

Anyway, further evidence that there is no such thing as free money in football.

I can't see the final being as good as this one. The USA will be out of their depth, and I hope the 1000 USA backer has layed off. Cue a USA 1-0 win...

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