Saturday, 20 June 2009

No Nudes Is Good News

I nearly choked on my morning coffee when I asked my girlfriend to read me the Championship football headlines just now. My immediate 'blink' reaction was that a Scottish team's autograph signing session was for some reason being staged in a nudist camp, and had gone somewhat awry. It was a great relief to hear the story in full. It reminds me of the story about a stuffy duchess who was asked to present the Boat Race trophy. When told that she would be expected to kiss the cox of the winning crew, she almost fainted.

And with that nonsense being the highlight of the past couple of days for me, you might guess that things are quiet on the investment front. I have been working on my spreadsheets for the coming season, although there is still much to do.

My betting has been limited to baseball this week, another game where laying low pays dividends more often than it should, i.e. value is available. Unlike basketball though, it's painfully slow. The same patterns repeat, but with lower liquidity, the price movements are not smooth like basketball. It's astonishing that one can get matched at 1.2 in the first inning and a one run game. In one Yankees game a couple of days ago, they were trading (presumably by mistake) at 1.1 while a run down. I missed it, but heard about it later. They went on to lose. Sadly I can't watch every game since there are often several going on at the same time.

France play their second test against the All Blacks today, and New Zealand won't lose again. 1.13 to win game one, they are 1.3 today - good value.

Tennis next week for a few interest bets I'm sure. Murray at 4.2 for me is good value. I'll trade out after the quarter-final. I'm not quite old enough to remember Fred Perry, so having an almost Englishman being favourite to make the final is still quite a shocking thought.

Not as shocking as that football headline though.


Anonymous said...

Cassini, where/how do you watch baseball when betting & trading?

Its not a sport Ive ever got involved in but Ive been studying it for a number of weeks now and want to test some strategies out a bit, just wondered on how best to get the pictures? I dont mind any delay on the feed as long as I know how long the delay is.

Cheers in advance,

Cassini said...

Every regular season game and it's a bargain!