Thursday, 25 June 2009

Gambler Categories

From today’s Racing Post comes a report of a study conducted on behalf of the Gambling Commission. It could hardly be called an exhaustive study as it covered just 43 punters, but they determined four types of gambler.

* Peripheral gamblers who “bet infrequently and do not necessarily view their actions as gambling. Motivation is something other than the gambling itself e.g. social experience or to get a large win from a small outlay”. (This is our friend from the pub, and his fiver on the Derby, or my Mum and her weekly lottery ticket).

* Gambling enthusiasts who “bet frequently but feel no compulsion to do so. They view betting as a fun activity and are motivated by the desire to outsmart bookmakers”. (This was me back in the 1980s).

* Business gamblers who “see betting as a business rather than a hobby or leisure pursuit”. This is me post-Betfair. (Thanks to the advent of trading and in-running betting).

* Compulsive gamblers who “are spurred on by a sense of escapism and have a powerful internal drive to punt. Gambling can become a central and controlling feature of their life”. As with alcohol, sadly there are always those who can’t enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures without letting it get out of hand.

What category do YOU fit in?


PhilipH said...

Hi Cass,

Peripheral is about right for me. I have attempted to "trade". Found it tiringly hard; given up. Take much pleasure from the occasional small punt when racing is on the box (C4 mainly).

When I was in the bookie game, as a settler, and eventually general manager of a small chain of shops, I guess I was in business - but not as a punter. I made my living out of other people who gambled.

Compulsive gambling is of course a mental disease. A curse to be avoided by whatever means.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty good summary of gambling types to me, although I'm not sure I like the idea of a Government organisation recognising the existence of "Business" gamblers,