Wednesday, 17 June 2009


I'm beginning to dread Wednesdays. Yet another £500+ extracted from my account today. Someone on the Betfair forum suggested that they should deduct the full 20% on settlement, and then issue a refund on the Wednesday. That would much better. Right now, I update all my numbers on a daily basis, and then every Wednesday, they take a hit through no fault of my own.

Oh well. Perhaps the legality of the Premium Charge will one day be tested in court, and we'll all get every penny refunded. Plus interest and punitive damages. I can dream.

The fixtures for next football season are out today. My intent is to be terribly well organised, with fixtures entered ahead of time, prices on the day, but like many of my projects, this will probably fall by the wayside. I can dream.

It's a quiet time of year for a non-horse racing, non-tennis, not much of a cricket fan. Right now I am watching next year's World Cup hosts South Africa play New Zealand. A year from now the football should be a little more exciting. I can dream.


PhilipH said...

I'm amazed that anybody still puts up with BF's daylight robbery tactics!

Cassini said...

Don't have much choice Philip - there is no viable alternative unfortunately.