Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Lay The Shorties

There were two games last night/this morning in the NFL, both with one team heavily favoured pre-game. In the first game the New England Patriots hosted the Buffalo Bills and were around 1.15 pre-game. In the second, the San Diego Chargers were at Oakland Raiders and were around 1.21 pre-game. The upside of laying these shorties, as I have mentioned before, is huge. Buffalo traded as low as 1.08 before losing by a point, and Oakland led San Diego late, trading at a low of (I believe) around 1.4 before finally losing by 4.

It's not always this easy of course, and there are games where the clear favourite scores first and layers are never ahead, but not enough to make this strategy unprofitable. I hope the pre-game backers weere asleep and missed the drama, because I can't think of a more uncomfortable way to spend 7 hours plus than backing pre-game at those prices. £100 on each to make 18% sounds ok, but neither bet was my idea of value.


Cran said...

sounds like a good strategy (if it wasn't in the middle of the night) :)

Cassini said...

Yes, those hours may not work for everyone, but if you have a job where you can work flexible hours or from home, it's worth re-arranging your schedule. Of course, if you make enough from it, you don't need another job!