Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sunderland Wolves

Sunderland to beat Wolves today at 1.75. Wolves are higher on the Elo ratings, but Sunderland are higher on form which is proving a more accurate predictor of results.

Update: Got into a small pickle on the unders in this game, locking in a miniscule profit after 40 mins. Considering the second half's avalanche of goals, that was quite a win!

Back Sunderland (1.75) v Wolverhampton Wanderers W 75

09-10 Totals - Stake: 700 Return: 982.07 P/L: +282.07 (40.3%)


Anonymous said...

A plethera of goals in that one!

Cassini said...

I think you mean plethora, which actually means 'an excessive number of' rather than 'plenty of' but there were certainly an excessive number of goals if you were on the unders!