Tuesday, 22 September 2009

NFL - Not Fun Lately

A depressing start to the NFL season (NFL standing for No Effing Luck right now).

This past weekend, I found myself three times needing something to happen with less than three minutes left. First, there was the Oakland Raiders who I didn't want to come from behind to beat the Kansas City Chiefs, but sure enough they did. That one hurt.

Then there was the San Diego Chargers attempting to come from behind against the Baltimore Ravens, but they fell short in the dying seconds. That meant a small profit instead of a medium profit, so not too bad.

Finally, the Miami Dolphins came up short against the Indianapolis Colts for another loss and my worst NFL weekend ever.

Just one of those things I think. I'm pretty sure I had value in the first two games, but possibly it was borderline in the third. It's great when value goes your way, but not so enjoyable when nothing seems to go right.

But - no Premium Charge tomorrow! Every cloud...

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