Wednesday, 9 September 2009

World Cup 2010

England seem to have a thing about winning 5-1 in early September World Cup Qualifying matches. For once, a smooth qualifying campaign, finished off in some style tonight. I really hope to be able to get to South Africa for some games with my son, but what with him being in his first year at University, I'm not sure the pieces will all come together.

My week in Germany with him in 2006 was one of those unforgettable experiences, even if it did end in some disappointment. That was a last minute idea, which is easy enough when the destination is Germany, but when it's South Africa, that will take a little more planning.

Roll on December and the draw, and perhaps the planning can begin. I'm getting old, and it would be nice to see England win a second World Cup before I die. I was too young to appreciate the first one - I thought England won it all the time!

My dream of seeing Palace win a major trophy has already come true - and yes, the Zenith Data Systems Cup most definitely IS (was) a major trophy.


J T said...

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Betting Exchange Trader said...

Hi Cassini,
It was a case of 'shock and awe' for me watching the game last night - no such much the beating of Croatia but how motivated the players looked - that has always been the problem. We shall see once it is all put into context in SA. Maybe we can arrange another quick friendly with Spain to mark our progress!