Thursday, 11 November 2010

Different Night, Same Story

An example of how no lead is safe in the NBA came in last night's game between the highly rated Orlando Magic and the not-so-highly-rated, but perennially good, Utah Jazz. Orlando led by 18 points and looked beaten, before the visiting Jazz began to chip away at that lead. 

With 2:41 left in the third, they went on a run, and took the lead in the fourth and in the end won by 10. You can see from the screenshot just how much money was traded at low prices on the Magic. (Not as much as the night before). 

Anyway, another lay pays dividends, and incidentally, this was the third game in a row that the Jazz have trailed by 18 points, yet come back to win. On Saturday they beat the Los Angeles Clippers after spotting them an 18 point lead.

As I keep telling anyone who will listen, prices are always being driven too low in the NBA. Backing the Magic at 1.01, (or laying the Jazz at 1000 as someone did, ouch), thus opposing a team that rallied from down 22 just 24 hours earlier playing one of the best teams in the NBA, is asking for trouble.

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