Saturday, 20 November 2010

Miller Time

A second minute own goal isn't the kind of start I was looking for at Crewe, even if I did have a small interest on the Overs. Mind you, by that time Nuremburg were already 0-2 down at home and about to concede a third, so it wasn't the best of starts to the afternoon schedule. When I backed Nuremburg, they were at 2.04, but following Football Elite making them a Recommended Bet, the price came in as low as 1.92. What I should have done as soon as they went odds-on was to lay them as they then qualified under the Bundeslayga System!

The early games were much better. Before I had backed Arsenal back, they went a goal up and it looked a loser until Tottenham's comeback, and in Scotland, both Rangers and Hearts won by the expected margins.

The strong draws suffered late hits. Hannover v Hamburg was heading to a 2-2 draw before a 90' winner, and Moenchengladbach v Mainz was 2-2 until the 88'. Close games - just not quite close enough, but Stockport v Torquay came in though, as did St Etienne v Auxerre.

Meanwhile, inspired no doubt by the Cassini Ratings, blue moon blogger Mark Iverson has come up with some ideas of his own. Check out Professional Sports Trader . It's always interesting to see how others lay out their spreadsheets and what ideas they have.


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