Saturday, 27 November 2010

Jazz Comeback (Repeat)

Something of a stellar night on the NBA with my favourite trading team the Utah Jazz once again doing the business coming back from 19 points down to win by six. The Lakers traded as low as around 1.17 I believe, and I had a four figure lay matched at 1.26 - good enough for a healthy four figure profit.

On the punting side, I did well too, with some lucky breaks having being on the Orlando Magic -10.5 (they won by 11), Toronto Raptors +9.5 (they lost by 9), and the Oklahoma City Thunder -1.5 (they won in OT). All in all a nice boost to the balance, which has been treading water pretty much since August.

I also made a nice profit on College Football when the Auburn Tigers came back from 0-24 down to beat the Alabama Crimson Tide 28-27. I put in a cheeky lay of Alabama at 1.09, (downside = v. low) but on this occasion backed back too early - one of the problems with a slow moving game like American Football, and who trusts college students with their money for more than a few minutes? (Excepting my son of course).

The Arkansas Razorbacks are ranked 12th currently, and host the 6th ranked LSU Tigers (there are a lot of Tigers in the SEC) tonight at 8:30pm in the 'Battle of the Boot'. The Razorbacks are favourites giving 3.5, and as much as I hope they will win, my head says to take LSU with the 3.5. Arkansas have a habit of messing up when they're well placed for a decent Bowl game, but if they win out, and get some help from other teams, they still have a shot at a BCS at-large place. Trust me - that's exciting stuff. This game has gone over in each of the last four contests.

While we're talking about Tigers, it's hard to believe that it's now one year since the golfing Tiger's now famous car accident. How time flies. Like Tiger, I used to be quite good at Golf (well, trading it), but these days I seldom bother with it. In 2006 it was my most profitable sport, but that title has since gone to baseball and basketball.

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