Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Moving Into Movember

After a busy weekend with work, including back-to-back all-nighters that I am far too old for, which was followed by two days of training, I am almost back to 'normal', albeit clean shaven for Movember.

I'm behind with updating the ratings with the results from the weekend, but I'll catch up before next weekend. The results from the weekend were mixed. The strong draws were poor, with only Monaco v Bordeaux coming through out of six selections, both away picks won, and the home stand-outs were great on Saturday going 3 for 3 at 2.0, 2.24 and 2.68 but then awful on Sunday when I couldn't buy a winner in four games. Laying odds-on in the Bundesliga saw a winner as Werder Bremen (1.55) lost 2-3 to Nuremberg although Hoffenheim (1.69) beat Hannover rather easily. The strong draw games were all close, with no more than one goal in five of the six matches, and West Bromwich Albion perhaps a little unlucky to lose with the two sendings-off.

Football Elite had a losing Recommended Bet in Catania, with Bolton and Mainz also losing from the Short-List. There were two winners here in Brest at 2.68 and Racing Santander at 2.16.

I had to miss the conclusion of the World Series, but made a profit after some kind soul offered the San Francisco Giants at 1.43 after they were already 2-0 up in the series.

October saw a profit, but for the twelth month in a row, the profits were down on the same month a year earlier. On the plus side, it was my best month since May, but it certainly appears to be getting steadily harder to make decent money on Betfair. Other pluses were that my BETDAQ account had its best ever month (with a little help from me) and that the Premium Charge is also being held at bay, with the Total Charges right now at 20.58% - just above the threshold.

Historically, November is my third most successful month of the year, but I will be pleasantly surprised if I meet last November's total.


Sports Bet Universe said...

It's certainly tough fitting work in as well as trading! Good luck for November. Great blog.

Dubaitrader said...

Who was the guy running a betfair trading website a while back? Dr somebody?!

A recent Dr. has just released betfairtrading expert...

Interestingly, it's a copy of tradesharktennis! What a tit. word verification is spacco. How appropriate.