Friday, 24 August 2012


Not Quite Green All Over
A pleasing start to the weekend's activities with the XX Classic selection of Evian Thonon Gaillard v Olympique Lyonnais coming in with a 1-1. Not quite the 'perfect' draw, with the Under 1.5 a loser, but both goals in the second half did mean that the six Classic selections this season to date have seen a total of two goals, and a total profit of 6.11 points. Also worth noting is that the two goals we did see were both quite late in the half, at 37' and 43'. While two draws at full-time is also not bad, again we have been a little unlucky with two losses in the 90', but it's early days, and with five selections from Ligue 1, hardly a balanced look across the leagues.

The Gold All Over blog has been updated with the latest table, along with some corrections from last week and some selections for this week. At XX Draws HQ, it'll be a busy weekend.
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