Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Poor Winners?

"For me the game was overshadowed by the amount of fuss made about refereeing decisions"
How blinkered can one be? The game (Chelsea v Manchester United) was totally ruined by poor refereeing decisions, but this United fan complains about the ensuing 'fuss' overshadowing the game.

There is a 'fuss' because it was an awful refereeing display, and just about everyone who saw the game would agree. Am I the only one who saw contact made with Torres' shin? Am I the only one who saw Hernandez in the back of the net a second or two before scoring? Admittedly the linesman should have made that call, but it was an inept display for a Premier League referee.

As for the allegations of 'inappropriate language', we shall see. I have seen it said that a lip-reader has confirmed the allegations, and it's a very unusual move made by Chelsea. I await the outcome with interest. Having previously been suspended for eight months, one would hope that if found guilty, he will be gone for good.

Rant over. Typical United fan - probably lives in the Home Counties.

Moving on, and I need to clarify a comment in yesterday's post where I wrote: Overall a small profit on the weekend

One XX Draw subscriber queried this statement, and I should have been clear that it related to the results on backing the eight selections as draws. I also back these in other markets as I have written previously, and these combined showed a loss, but because I'm not sure how people use the selections, comments like this generally refer to the draw bet unless I say otherwise.

For the record the weekend draws in the three categories (Classic, Extended and Bundesliga) were +1.6, -1.4 and +2.7 respectively for a net of +2.9. 

Overall, i.e. the draw markets plus four others I use (U1.5, U2.5, U3.5 HT00), the total went from +15.52 to +8.6 - not good, but more selections midweek and looking to end October with a profit. 

My efforts to record every market's P&L and commission generated, including the implied, paid off, with my predicted Super Premium Charge being within one penny of that calculated by Betfair, once I determined the start time for the charge to apply.

The cut-off time appears to be 1am - I had a bet settled at 12:57am on Monday last week which was not included, and another at 1:22am which was.

The worst part of it is seeing how tough it is to beat the charge
A big night tonight in the Cassini calendar with the NBA returning to real action, although I rather liked the pre-season results and from a trading perspective, it seems to be better if the games don't count. I'm not sure the Lakers will lose their next eight games. They open up against the Dallas Mavericks tonight, but possibly missing Kobe Bryant so be warned.

In case you didn't already know, the NBA is without doubt the best sport for trading. In my opinion. There's a quite brilliant couple of articles on trading the NBA over at Betting Expert which could very well have been written by myself and which outline why it's so good as well as reveal many of my secrets.   


www.fulltimebettingblog.com said...

You say "how blinkered can one be?" but then fail to mention that I then went onto to publish a piece that was originally posted in a Chelsea forum that certainly wasn’t showing a pro United bias. Convenient.
Was the game not overshadowed by the refereeing decisions then? Two great teams going at each other and all anyone can talk about (us included) is the ref.
I fear that you may have missed the point slightly- the post was meant to reflect the growing dissatisfaction with the cheating culture and the bad example is sets. Of course I’m going to be biased but by making mention of my allegiance in the first sentence I’m hardly hiding it.
With regards to your comment
"Typical United fan - probably lives in the Home Counties"
I can’t help but thinking this is quite sly. You know from our previous private mails when I was a member of your tipping league (finding 3-3 scorelines with regular ease I might add) that I used to live in sunny sarf lundun (about three miles away from your beloved Palace) but as I no longer live there or was born there then I don’t quite understand what the point is your trying to make, unless you are just engaging in repeating lazy geographical stereotypes that I would have thought your blog would be best leaving to high brow football intellectual programmes like Soccer AM?
Rant over

LayThatDraw said...

hi cassini - i may have asked this before, but how does one go about watching live nba in the uk. must one purchase a league pass on nba.com?

if so, how delayed are the pictures?


Tictac said...

You call it an 'awful refereeing display' and come up with ONE dubious decision that people STILL argue about whether he actually needed to fall over despite having seen the slow motion replay many times.

The attempt to include the linesman (who couldn't see Hernandez FFS, are you so exceptional you have x-ray vision?) sums up the first part of your post