Friday, 30 November 2012

Cassinian Concept

Big Al (right - with Trident)
The Anticassini is among us. As Wikipedia explains it:
The Anticassini is a Cassinian concept based on the exegesis of Green All Over (2008 - ?) texts that refer to anti-savvies. In Cassinian belief, Cassini the Messiah appears in his Second Coming to sports trading, to face the emergence of the Anticassinian figures. Just as Christ is the saviour and the ideal model for humanity, so Cassini is the saviour and ideal model for the betting community, and while Christ's opponent in the End of Days will be a single figure of concentrated evil, Cassini's opponents are multiple figures of distracted dopiness. They come in many forms, often Anonymous, but occasionally with names like "BigAl ", "the Silverback", "Rick" or "Adam Heathcote Fan Club". Unlike Branch Davidians, who (allegedly) took advantage of under-age children, Twig Cassinians take advantage of the clueless, the ill-disciplined, and the mathematically challenged.  
It occurred to me today that should the world end in three week's time, as some would have it, I'll be quite annoyed. All that effort over the years to gain a small financial cushion, and it's all over. Speaking of conspiracy theories, Fizzer555 loves them too - here's how he spent his evening:
Have you noticed how Rick does seem to turn up every time you are "away" Cassini?

Have you stopped to consider that Rick might be your alter ego?
I mean, look at the evidence.
Cassini has a blog "Green-All-Over"; Rick has "The Green Trader".
Cassini's coverage of Rick this year is only less of that of Big Al and Obama.
One of Cassini's best friends was named Ricardo.
I'm thinking that the NBA loving, Premium Charge Paying, Elo Rating Cassini is our Dr Jekyll, but some trigger turns him into our dogs, nags and accies loving Mr Hyde, Rick.
It might be Betfair going down just as the Houston Rockets are starting a 30 point comeback, or maybe Mrs C forgets to put a teaspoon of sugar into Mr C's cocoa as she heads off to bed whilst our hero settles down to a night of NBA trading.
Whatever it is, Mr C. goes missing and up pops Rick.
I'd check out your office in the morning.
Do you wonder how your keyboard got smashed to bits during the night?
Is the Racing Post open on the desk at a 30-runner handicap with half the runners circled in biro?
Do you seem to have a large wordpress bill for new green related blog names?
Might be time to go see somebody.
Just a theory.
Then again, maybe Rick is your own invention to show us how not to do it?
A couple of corrections though. Do I look like the kind of guy who would have a friend named Ricardo? A goatee and Crocs maybe, but hanging out with a Ricardo - never. I also do not take sugar - it's bad for you - even if a spoonful of it does help the medicine go down. So they say.

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