Thursday, 25 July 2013

Ask, And Ye Shall Receive

Does anyone take the back price on the exchanges? I've been running a little experiment, primarily on tennis and baseball, with the intent to make a small, very small, dent in the Premium Charge.

What I am seeing is that putting in a back at the 'available to lay' price is almost always matched - over 90% of the time anyway. It's something I have commented on before with the XX Draws - allow enough time before the event starts and you will be matched more often than not in the draw on football, and this seems to be true for tennis and baseball too. The amounts are all, for now at least, less than £100, and it is obviously easier to get double figures matched than triple, but it does seem that it is always worth asking.

Very little feedback from the post on the FTL plans for next season. Little Al has declined to enter "as it takes up valuable time that I could use to make $ instead" and I can understand that. Football wasn't Al's forte (ROI -19.5%) and it's good that he has moved on to other sports.

No affiliation here, but I did want to mention Skeeve, who some of you may have heard of. He specialises in non-league football, but has also had some early season success with Croatian football, including two nice winners today in the Europa league qualifiers:

25/7/2013 ELQ: (+0.75) TURNOVO - Hajduk (2.03* @Pinnacle) 1 point FT 1:1 (+1.03)
25/7/2013 ELQ: Lokomotiva - (0) DINAMO MINSK (2.62 @Pinnacle) 1 point FT 2:3 (+1.62)
Summary to date: 9 picks, 9 points staked, 5 won, 2 void, 2 lost +3.91 point profit, 43.4% ROI

* I was matched at 2.07 on two exchanges, again going back to my original point in this post that it pays to ask and be patient.

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AL said...

it may be a different story this season Cass.

thanks to your article on bettingexpert (no affiliation), I have just finished creating my own Elo ratings.

now all i need to do is follow the yellow brick road :-D