Saturday, 6 July 2013

Banging On

I missed this comment from Jimbo on the topic of account preservation, and I agree with almost everything he writes, except for the apostrophe in SBOs...

The 6 points that that your friend Mr Murphy made about account preservation may well have something there. His 6 points would keep accounts open.
However if I would give 6 points on how not to bet on sports and how to lose money long term then that would be them. 
Find the firms who continually give good odds and continually take those bets. The likes of your Pinnacles and SBO's of this world, or an Exchange.
Why complicate your betting merely to delay the inevitable with firms who will stop you if you have an edge? Just does not make sense. You place the bets YOU want, at the odds YOU want and the stake YOU want. If not how can possibly expect to profit long term?
It really should go without saying. The hard work in successful sports betting starts after that.
I'm going for a lie down.
Account preservation in itself is pointless. There's no point having an account if you can't use it as you want.
Exchange Lay

There's an interesting article on the subject Why The Bookie Is NOT Your Friend from the Secret Betting Club today, including a reference to Ray Winstone's half-time tips.
Take for example, Bet365 and their in-play adverts featuring Ray Winstone. At Half-time during live football matches, Ray regularly pipes up with a suggested bet for you to ‘have a bang on’.
Sadly as this Daily Mirror article outlines, these bets are less bang and most bust with just 1 in 25 actually going on to win. No doubt the Bet365 coffers have been suitably swollen by this stat!
His one winner - Napoli’s Edinson Cavani would score the next goal in an Italian league game against Internazionale - came in at a whopping 7/2, a price that, and I haven't run the numbers so I can't be sure, possibly doesn't quite cover the 24 losses.

Jill commented:
£595 a lot? I thought your ELO ratings were making you fortunes?
Have you considered the horses, I see Jack's doing a 2 day course for a bargain £695.
It's a lot for something I don't need, and it's Elo, not ELO, ratings. Jack and Jill - nice, but no, I have no interest in horses. Far too many people know far more than I will ever know about that dying sport, and it's hard to see where I might ever gain an edge. Details on this course are in the comment for anyone interested, and I have no affiliation with Jack or Jill.

Anonymous asks:
How much money do you think tipsters make from running seminars?
I'm not sure what tipsters run seminars - it seems to me that it would be more something for traders to do, although the golden years would appear to be in the past for full-time trading.

The Jack and Chuck (whom I had never previously heard of) course on horse racing is limited to 25 people, which if filled would bring in a little over £17k from which you would deduct the not insignificant running costs - hotel, conference room etc.

No idea how many seats Ian will fill at his workshops, but there's a significant investment of time in coordinating these things, so don't think it is all profit. Again, I have no affiliation with Ian, but his Day One only option looks the most interesting, with a number of topics on the schedule that too many people seem to struggle with.

Perhaps anyone attending any of these workshops / seminars could stop by and provide some feedback.

Speaking of Ian, he had this to say on Affiliategate tonight:
I think the Affiliategate scandal is now done. The loss of integrity through having a direct relationship with a sponsor is the key issue; the fact that they look tacky is very much a secondary issue.
I hate Russian Dolls, they're so full of themselves - Stephen Fry