Friday, 13 October 2017

Golden Abs

Scanning through the blogs on my blog roll, and I find out that someone is making some money from my systems. 

Geoff over at Fulltimebetting wrote a post titled Hidden Gold which included these lines:
The always excellent Green All Over blog consistently has little nuggets that can deliver gold but like Mr Cassini is always saying ” an edge shared is an edge halved”. His baseball systems have constantly delivered and the last time I looked they had produced approx 90 points profit so far this season.
To achieve this profit you would have had to spend some considerable time reading through his blog, found the suitable sites to find the bets and stats, and then checked daily to see if there were any qualifiers, and then, and only then, finally place the Bets .
And of course some days there wouldn't have been any qualifiers!
If you need to bet every day, you have a problem! 

The 2017 regular baseball season was about as perfect as they come. No big draw-downs, and I'm glad someone else was able to make money.

The point of Geoff's post, which you should read in full, is that there are no short cuts to success, nor are there any to six-pack abs apparently.
With 90 points in Geoff's bank, he's probably not too disappointed that the post-season isn't going quite so well. A win for the Overs last night in the Washington Nationals v Chicago Cubs game, but no play in the UMPO which still has some ground to make up to be profitable this year.
We did have another winner in the NFL Small Road Dog's system last night, with the Philadelphia Eagles getting 3 points at the Carolina Panthers and winning by five. Probably five more selections to come this weekend.    

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