Friday, 20 October 2017

Team Transparency

Another head-scratching comment from James, who wrote:

A lot of your data screenshots display win/loss etc. figures for teams.
If you don't use such fundamental data in your systems then fair enough.
While it is possible that in almost ten years of blogging I have on occasion shown results for a particular team, I can't actually recall any such screenshots.

My screenshots are typically either summary in nature, for example this one from last week and League Two Away and not a team name in sight:

Or they are contemporary, showing recent qualifiers and their outcomes, such as this one from the American Football Small Road 'Dogs Systems last weekend:
While it is true that these screenshots include a team name, this is for transparency so that anyone interested in following along can easily verify past results, which means I need to record whether an event was a win or a loss (or a push). 

I could simply say that we had 14 selections, with 9 winners, but if I were reading this blog and half-interested in this system, I'd want a little more detail to see what was going on. 

If someone isn't keeping detailed records that allow for results to be verified, I'd be a little concerned that they don't have what it takes to be successful.  

To say that the win / loss figures are for "teams" is very misleading. The team name merely acts as a reference rather than the criteria by which the selection was made, which remains purely technical.


Marty said...

I think one could make a case that whether the team is 'on the road' is fundamental information (ie is neither integral to the description of the contract / bet and is non-price). I don't know your systems completely, but this is the only area I would say might not be technical. You could also argue that past results are technical information because they are, generally, contained in the settlement price the correct score market.

Tony Stephens said...

Does it really matter if criteria is technical or fundamental? Would one place additional confidence in a system that was classified either way?