Wednesday 25 October 2017

Road Tao Prosperity

A wise man, or was it James?, once said "An edge shared is an edge halved" so I'm certainly not going to give away every secret. At least not while I'm still

I think it was the founder of Taoism, Lao Tzu, who said "Give a man a system and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to develop a system and you feed him for a lifetime”.

It is with these thoughts in mind that I publish this comment from Unknown who asks:

What is the road favs system?
Haven't seen this mentioned on the blog before
Is it as simple as the name suggests? Backing all favs on the road?
No, it's not quite that simple, but there is a big clue in the system name, and anyone seriously interested in NBA betting can research it and tweak the criteria to suit themselves.

Do you want to generate ~105 bets a season with a return of 4.7% or have criteria that generates ~378 bets a season with an ROI of 3.6%? 

One system that has been profitable for the past three plus seasons is the National League Away system, and last night saw its fourth best round of the season to date. 

As team names can cause confusion for one reader, I've removed them from the results (left). 

I'm not totally convinced this bare-bones summary helps readability or understanding, but if I can eschew obfuscation, I will.  

Aways in this league were off to a slow start this season, around 20% through August, but since then they are hitting at 32% and are 29.2% overall - still a little down on the past three seasons.
Once again, if you're following this system, it now behoves you to bet early. It's as if, for some reason, people are piling onto the Aways closer to kick-off. What was that about an edge shared? 

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Eggmund said...

Could it be that average punters are betting on the home team well before tip-off (do they still have that?) and then the professionals are smoothing out pricing discrepancies in a liquid market from just before the game starts through to the final whistle?