Saturday 6 September 2008

Football (Mostly) £10 Quiz Time - Saturday Seven

No Premier League or Championship action today, and I stay clear of mismatches, so to help fill the day, here's a little quiz.

Note that 'League club' here can refer to an English or Scottish team. Here we go:

1. Who was the first Italian to be inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame?

2. What is the only League club whose full name doesn't contain any letters than can be coloured in?

3. Who are the only League club to be mentioned in the Bible?

4. Which country has the world's longest life expectancy at 83.5 years?

5. Of the 15 original entrants to the first FA Cup in 1871/72, only one survived to be a current League club - name it?

6. Who are the oldest professional football team in London?

7. In what year did the Queen last attend the FA Cup Final?

A tenner (via PayPal) to the first person to mail me all 7 correct answers.

In the event of any disputes, Signore Cassini's decision is final. In boca al lupo...

Competition Status: Closed - the winner was Sven - from Holland.

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