Wednesday 24 September 2008

Odds Are Too Short

A couple of people have told me recently that they don't like to back at less than 1.7. My question to them is "Why on Earth not?"

There seems to be a misunderstanding that 1.7 is 'too short', but what determines whether or not a price is 'too short' is not the number itself, but its relationship to value.

For me, it is all about value. If you could walk into a casino and get 1.6 at Roulette on numbers 1 to 24, would you turn it down because the price is too short?

Would you snap up the 36-1 available on a single number because the price is high?

I rather like backing at 1.x if the bet is good value. The losing runs are short, which suits my style, and the more people who don't like backing at low odds, the better.


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