Thursday 4 September 2008

Mr Eko and Holte Ender

Cracking thread on the Betfair forum posted by Mr Eko. I don't get involved in markets which depend on people being in the know, but apparently Betfair had a market on the first managerial change of the season in the Premier League. Mr Eko kindly posts a thread titled "1.07 free money - even BBC are reporting it" in reference to the story that Kevin Keegan had left Newcastle. Of course, we all know now that he hasn't, at least not yet, and that particular market has been 'won' by Alan Curbishley. £254,682 traded between 1.04 and 1.14. Ouch.

Now I do have some sympathy for Mr Eko for putting his faith in the BBC, but the most ridiculous thing is how he refuses to hold his hands up and admit to a bad call and to losing all of £10, but claims to have got out at 1.06. I mean seriously. If you really consider a bet to be free money, (and free money is seldom that), then back it with a little more than a tenner! And don't make a complete arse of yourself by claiming to have got out when everyone knows you didn't.

Reminds me of Holte Ender's "Sussex v Lancashire - INPLAY TRADING LESSON" thread last week. After backing Lancashire at 2.3 (£100) and then "Back Lanc at 3's for £50", he went very quiet for a while before returning with the classic line "you should now be all green" - never mind that the price had never dropped to allow any greening out from his suggested bets. I think this guy likes attention - check out and type in "Holte Ender" and there are pages and pages of his nonsense.

I read the forum for entertainment, and some days it certainly provides a lot.


Anonymous said...

Football manager markets are best to be avoided.

I got a phone call one day from some bloke I knew in the pub.

He knew who was going to get appointed as manager of a certain team.

I got a large bet on at evens.

Within minutes it was trading at odds on.

I posted on the bf forum to let people know.

I got one or two wisecrack comments. I bet you can only get a tenner on. I told people you could get a lot more on, Several of the boys went for the 800 option.

Within a short space of time he was 1.3. Then 1.16.

He got the job and the boys were all quite pleased.

Never got a beer out of it though.

Cassini said...

That's exactly why I leave those markets alone. Of course, I wouldn't leave them alone if I had information like you had, but I'm usually the last to know anything! Well done.

Anonymous said...

Bring back all those that have been banned forever.