Thursday 18 September 2008

Stock Market

I lost a little over £5,000 yesterday in the Stock Market and just shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly while telling myself it'll come back. I don't handle my sporting investment losses quite so casually I've noticed. A loss of that level and I'm discombobulated (what a great word that is) for hours. Nevertheless, with no end to the bear market in sight, and my house dropping in value by the day, it does all get a little annoying, if not depressing. But I'm in for the long run and it's not always a smooth ride. Guess I won't be retiring this week.

On the Betfair front, still total confusion surrounding the Premium Charge. Some people on the forum seem convinced that the £1,000 applies to profits starting from the week of 22/9, but I have to say that I am quite sure they are wrong - it is an allowance to offset against the previous 60 weeks of profit, which isn't going to help me too much to be quite honest.

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