Friday, 4 March 2011

Ace Puzzle (Repeat)

On the last day of 2010, I posted this little puzzle up for your entertainment, and Dave asked recently what the answer was. Since no one has been able to work it out yet, or at least posted the answer here, I thought I would re-post it, and reveal all after the weekend - one that may see little trading for me as I again have to work all day Saturday and Sunday! The joys of working in IT. Little trading might actually be good. I seem to be all over the place this month, winning four figures in one market and dropping slightly bigger four figures in another. Good for the PC, not so good for my stress level.

Here's the post again:

Courtesy of "Betting The Odds - The Hidden Mathematics Of Sport" by Rob Eastway and John Haigh, comes this little puzzle - a doddle for sharp-minded readers I'm sure.

You are at home with the TV in the background and the sound turned down. You notice that Andy Roddick is in the middle of a match with Andy Murray and Roddick is serving. He serves an ace, and goes on to serve five more consecutive aces.

At this point you turn the sound up, to hear that Murray currently leads the match. What is the match score at this point - in sets and games?

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Bet-Bet-Win said...

2-1 for Murray in Sets
and 1-0 for Roddick in the 4th Set.
3rd Set was decided in a tiebreaker with Roddick winning it.

Kind Regards Expekter