Sunday, 13 March 2011


These late goals are beginning to get annoying. The third of my strong draw picks was St Pauli v Stuttgart and at 88' with the score at 1-1, things were looking up, but once again, a late goal took another win away. So overall on the strong draws, I had one winner, two losses to 88' and 90' goals and a Parma v Napoli selection that actually wasn't close, although I could always blame the red-card! The strong draw strike rate is still a profitable 33.59% for the season.

Two losers for Football Elite today as neither Levante or Real Sociedad could win. I did make a little on the Manchester City v Reading game at least, with the Over 2.5 goals price looking far too short at 1.74. I traded out at 2.42 after 20 minutes, but of course, needn't have bothered!

I wrote earlier in the week about the in-form and not-in-form teams from the leagues I track and here's how they got on this weekend:

Nuremberg (Won 2-1 at Wolfsburg 3.25)
Olympique Lyonnais (Won 2-0 at Sochaux 2.12)
Hannover '96 (Lost 0-4 at Koln 2.9)

Not-So-Hotties: [opponents price]
Hoffenheim (Won 1-0 v Borussia Dortmund [1.73])
Chievo Verona (Lost 0-1 v Fiorentina [2.88])
Palermo (Lost 0-1 at Genoa [1.95])

Greed All Over is re-branding - I made it clear that I wasn't serious about the large cheque (a smaller one would have been fine), but I think the author is looking to create his own identity.

As is often the case, after I'd posted about paper trading recently, I thought of something else I could have written - that paper trading is a bit like playing poker for matchsticks. A martingale type staking system is very easy on paper, not quite so easy in practice.

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Jamie said...

Perhaps a little bit different, but I've found kind of the same thing with playing the poker application on my phone.

I play quite a fair bit online and in casino tournaments, and have had a moderate amount of success. But I've found when I play the (free) poker app on my phone, I make a lot of decisions that I would never make when playing for decent stakes.

I also found that when playing "free" poker online to sharpen my skills - I played a lot differently when the stakes were low or non-existent, and it was starting to mess up the skills I had honed by playing for proper stakes. I now don't play at all unless it is for decent stakes, because that's where I believe my best performances are.

I also trade pre-post horses, and have found the same thing... trading for minimum stakes is OK to learn the system or the software, but can be detrimental to your overall success once you know what you are doing.

Keep up the great work on the blog,