Monday, 7 March 2011


It's been a strange week. A big win on Monday and modest win on Tuesday got things off to a good start, and I was in full PC reduction mode, before losses on Wednesday and Thursday took away that concern. Then a weekend full of work meant little trading for the last two days. When all is said and done, I doubt that the PC will be an issue this week, although I've thought that before only to see it still there.

The weekend highlight on the football betting was Football Elite's selection of Hannover 96 v Bayern Munich. I layed Bayern Munich to get the draw on my side, but in the end Hannover ran out easy 3-1 winners. Unfortunately it was downhill from there with other picks Lorient (D 0-0), Freiburg (L 1-3) and Hercules (L 1-2) all going down. No draws for either myself or the Drawmaster. Auxerre came close for me but a goal in the 86' lost me that one, and on Friday night of course, a 90' goal took away a draw in the Lecce v AS Roma game.

I did have a nice win on the England v South Africa cricket game, although due to work commitments I had to watch the drama unfold on cricinfo after backing SA initially and greening up at 1.2 because... "I had to go to work". I was sorely tempted to let the bet run, but in the end I made the right call even if at the time I may have been giving up a little value. I've been in similar positions before, and when I let the bet run, it has a habit of losing! 

Another 1.01 'gubbing' which the Betfair forum get so excited about. Something that happens every (approximately) 1 in 101 of the time doesn't seem to me something to get too excited about, but I was reading about the Israeli lottery the other day where apparently a draw late last year produced the same numbers as the draw three weeks prior to that - and drawn in exactly reverse order! The odds on this were calculated at 1 in four trillion. 1.01 looks rather tame in comparison. The numbers were 13, 14, 26, 32, 33 and 36 (strong number 2) if anyone fancies a three-peat any time soon.

Finally, a goodbye to Rob's long running blog Gambling Cos Building's Up The Spout which is going into hibernation. A strange time of year to hibernate unless Rob is southern hemisphere, but he always was a little different! Just look at the name of the blog.

"If you don't look facts in the face, they have a way of stabbing you in the back". - Winston S Churchill.

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Mike said...


I dont understand the tennis problem - well done to thoses who can wirk it out.

Your site looks better now - will get round to reading the archives, when I get some time.

For now .. a quickie to mull over.

You mentioned losing 700 - out of interest, when there are carryover pools on the Tote - tomorrow there is £1m carryover, in the jackpot, how much will u risk, in relation to this 700 ?

As there is so much free money in the pool, I would normally spend 3-4 x, my max normal expsoure. Do u do likewise, or, pass these by, as having no specific expertise in that given area ?