Saturday 18 June 2011

Dry Summer

Summer's are supposed to be dry. OK, so technically, Summer isn't here for a few more days, but the dry spell from my betting perspective is here. Cricket continues to be a challenge - as I've written before, it appears that others understand this sport far better than I do, and for the most part I leave it alone. I got involved in an India v West Indies ODI a couple of days ago, and read it all wrong, in the end walking away with no loss, but no win either. A waste of time in other words.

I don't even enjoy watching cricket, which would probably help! I didn't much care for playing it when I look back. Batting or bowling was fun, but my preferred fielding position was wicket-keeper simply because it meant I had an interest in every delivery, and when my team was batting, I secretly wanted my team to lose wickets so that I could get out there and swing away.

I wasn't much of a team player in my youth. One new football season, my under-strength Croydon West End team lost the opening game 2-9, but the two goals were both scored by me. At the end of the game, when the manager tried to cheer us up, I needed no cheering up. It's fair to say that my comment, partly joking, but with a grain of truth, along the lines that I would rather lose 2-9 and score both goals than win 1-0 and not be the scorer, didn't go down too well.

It's fortunate that betting is a solitary activity.

Baseball liquidity remains poor, and while I remain up overall on the season, this last week has been poor. I'm continuing to track the MLB Free Daily Picks but they appear to be going the same way as the free Under Over Soccer Picks, with both showing an ROI of around -7.5%. Updated results at Gold All Over.

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Stormwell said...


Try 20/20 cricket to start with. I started watching purely from a trading perspective, and had no interest whatsoever in it as far as ODIs / series go. 20/20 is a lot better though, and I could almost bring myself to watch a longer version of the game now!