Saturday, 21 April 2012

Possibly Hopefully

Another mention by Peter Nordsted (@petenordsted) on Twitter (much appreciated) and another flurry of activity on my 'followers' count. Peter wrote, and I quote,

"for possibly the best blog on sports betting / trading".
Possibly? There was an article on the BBC yesterday about language, and words losing their original meanings through abuse, and Peter's use of the word 'possibly' did spring to mind.

"Possibly: Perhaps (used to indicate doubt or hesitancy)". I hate to criticise the grammar and spelling of others, ok that's not true - it does give me great pleasure really, but the word Peter is looking for here is "undoubtedly" - meaning 'without doubt'. Hopefully, that advice will be useful to Peter. Oh wait, I just used 'hopefully' meaning 'it is hoped', whereas its original meaning is 'full of hope'.

Enough of this frivolity. Aston Villa are great value at 2.38 to beat Sunderland, and I like Newcastle United at 1.72 to beat Stoke City today.

For the big game in London this afternoon, I have Arsenal at 1.89 making 2.06 slight value. My price of 2.03 for Under 2.05 is very close to BETDAQ's 2.07.

It's getting late in the NBA regular season, and it's a good time of the year to look for matches where there is a large handicap. Last night / this morning there were a couple of opportunities. The Memphis Grizzlies were at the hapless Charlotte Bobcats (on a losing run of 18 games) and while a win for the Grizzlies was no surprise, the Grizzlies have no incentive to press on to win by 14 points, on the road, just to keep handicap bettors happy. They could be layed at 1.86. Similarly the Dallas Mavericks were at home to the eliminated Golden State Warriors, and while maybe showing off at home might be more understandable than away, it does often seem that teams build up a sizeable lead (18+) and subconsciously take their collective feet off the pedal, a subject I have commented on before. Coaches will rest star players, and the general mood at the stadium becomes one where the spectators are chatting, players are joking around, and the game is something of a sideshow. Dallas to win by 12.5 were 1.93. Teams do get blown out by 30+ points though, so this isn't a sure-fire winning method - just something to look at, and if you can get a decent price, it certainly makes what can be a boring game on the Match Odds market, a very interesting game on the Handicap. Unfortunately trading the Handicap market is next to impossible, so keep your stakes small as it will likely be a punt unless you want to trade out for poor value. 

Hopefully, no one wants to do that. Oops.

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