Tuesday, 24 April 2012

FTL Update 24.Apr.12

With the completion of the weekend's matches last night, I am pleased to bring you the latest Friendly Tipster Table, and there are few changes to it.

The first is that some of the 'dead' entries have been removed - Griff stopped sending his selections, Peter Nordsted abandoned his ill-fated 'Game Of Two Halves' selections, the Green Pullover stopped selecting Draws, I got bored with my Random Draw Selections and the Value Unders were too random with no accountability.

I have replaced these with the XX Draws (Extended) Selections, those games where the rating is between 0.2 and 0.5, and further breaking these out so that the Bundesliga selections are on their own. It is so late in the season that this is really an exercise to get ready for next season, and practice is needed because I found, to my horror, while updating my numbers from the weekend, I realised that the Koln v Stuttgart match should have been an XX Draw (Classic) Selection with a rating of -0.1 (see above) but amid all the excitement of extending the selections, I wrongly categorised it. I trust subscribers will forgive me after six of the twelve 'bonus' selections finished as draws, and all three Classic selections finished winners on the Under, but I still feel bad about it.

Geoff is preening his feathers over at fulltimebetting with absolutely no shame over how he fluked a 3-3 draw at Berwick Rangers v Elgin City on Saturday. The only surprise is that he missed the Manchester United - Everton 4-4 draw on Sunday. He also harbours some delusions about topping the Friendly Tipster Table by season's end, but he can forget all about that. Credit where it's due though, and not too many challengers have held up so well. Only Football Elite is in profit, although MJ is close, but calling it a season after tonight so he will finish in the red.

The Tipster Table as it currently stands is below, with some midweek games to come for MJ (Atlanta v Chievo today) and some Classic and Extended draws for myself.

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