Saturday, 21 April 2012

World Of Truth

Geoff wrote: "I completely forgot to send these over last week - typically found 4 out of 8 which was good from my bank perspective but not my league rankings."

Geoff's tipping is certainly hot right now, finding another 4 winning draws from his 8 selections this week, moving him up to fifth in the Friendly Tipster Table on points. Where Geoff finds the time to research matches at places like Telford, Braintree, Elgin and Brighton (I didn't even know Brighton had a team) I don't know, but it's hard to fault his results, even if he did fluke another 3-3 today. Here they are since April:

Geoff's Draws
A couple of one goal matches for the XX Draw Selections today, so winners on the Unders, but no joy on the draws. The extended selections saw two winners from six selections today though - the games at Bolton Wanderers and Chievo, and the German 'watch list' had a winner with Koln and Stuttgart drawing 1-1. After 11 extended selections, they are up 2.4 points. Early days, but I'll start to include these in the Tipster Table along with the Bundesliga selections. Of limited value perhaps, with the end of season reset coming up, but putting these results out there has some value.

I'll update the table after Monday night's results, as some of the entrants have an interest that night. 

I was recently reading about the rise in prosperity of China following the death of Mao. He was so feared that rather than risk upsetting him, he was given false statistics and not told that his ideas on rice production for example were not working. It was only when Deng Xiaoping took over that the 'world of truth' was introduced to Chinese agriculture. 
"Those who had good ideas, good luck and who worked hard prospered. Bad ideas were quickly abandoned. Good ones spread rapidly." 
Words that did make me think of us sports investors, even if I don't agree with the 'good luck' part, since - as my regular readers know - there is no such thing as luck, only random fluctuations of probability.

Ian Erskine found another winner for us today as Heerenveen drew 1-1 with Vitesse Arnhem - his third winning draw in the last six matches. 

Ian Erskine's 'Lay The Draw' Selections
I wasn't on this market when the opening goal went in, but my suggested strategy of backing the draw at this point would have been a winning one. 

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