Thursday 7 July 2016

T-Bone Overcooked

I've been thinking more about the T-Bone MLB System I mentioned recently, and how illogical the parameter 'coming off a loss' should be, and perhaps even more illogical when the loss may well have been against a different team.

For 2016, the official T-Bone record Straight Up (SU) is 49-16, +22.21 points with an ROI of 20.3%, which is quite impressive, but how does this compare with the results ignoring the 'coming off a loss'?
The SU record would now be 110-49, +27.73 points, ROI of 10.3%.

More research is required on this, but as this blog post article concluded back in 2011:
Those who’ve spent a lifetime maximising ROI, I guess you’ve now realised that in a punting context, those who are able to grow their bank balance more significantly are, by most people’s definition, the more successful.
So, in summary...Return on Investment for show, Rate of Bank Growth for dough. £, not %.
I'll try to find time to look at previous seasons, although Geoff has been patiently waiting for me to complete my document detailing some of my strategies, so I may do that first.

I came across this while researching the baseball, so this may well be all we need anyway:

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