Monday, 5 September 2022

Podcasts and Compliments

No luck with the sole EPL Draw selection this weekend with Manchester United beating Arsenal 3:1 and worryingly looking to be in rather good form going into next Sunday's big game. The Arsenal game was actually a Toss-Up selection, the second of the season, and the second loss, but the Close picks remain in profit.

For followers of the College Football System there was some welcome Week 1 success with the four selections going 3-1. It's always nice to get off to a winning start. The final game of the weekend was yesterday, and we were on Florida State +4. Up by seven at 24-17 and things were looking good until LSU scored a last second touchdown. Totals bettors had mixed feelings at this point, with the number set at 51 and the game looking set to go into overtime, but the extra point attempt was blocked and Unders bettors joined us in breathing a sigh of relief. 

I wrote on Saturday with regard to the William and Mary win that "At least one Sacred Manuscript subscriber was on board" and I can update this to "at least two" now.

Chris wrote to verify some of the ROIs I mentioned in the Smokey the Square post, and at the end added:
P.S. I managed to bet on the William and Mary NCAA match, so that's another Sacred Manuscript subscriber you can add to the list of people who got on board.
While the Regular MLB season is almost certain to end up as a losing one for Hot Favourites. the month of September has started promisingly. The Regular Season ends a little later than usual on October 5th, before the playoffs begin so we still have a few weeks of action. 

September is a good month for sports betting with MLB teams chasing their magic numbers for the playoffs (including for once, my wife's San Diego Padres) and of course the NFL getting underway this Thursday with an interesting game in Los Angeles.

Friday's post on hedging, which was prompted by Jason's recommendation of the Bet The Process podcast, brought about this rather generous, and much appreciated, compliment:
Hopefully there will be a few useful recommendations in there, and it may go some small way towards repaying the debt we all owe to you for the continuously excellent blog.
Quite probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said about it! 

I'll include Jason's email in full since it contains several other podcast recommendations which might well be of interest to readers. 
Hello again, Cassini.

Thanks for the mention, glad my comment was of interest. The Bet the Process podcast is certainly worth a listen, particularly when a guest is interviewed. It tends to focus a fair bit on NFL or NCAAF during the course of the season, and if you can get past the occasionally disjointed conversation flow between Rufus and Jeff I’m sure the miles will fly by.

It’s rumoured that one is never more than six feet away from a podcast recommendation nowadays, but for what it’s worth I have found the following well worth a go:

Be Better Bettors - 
Spanky does seem to divide opinion in the Twitter betting world, but his podcast is decent, and due to being very well connected he seems to get a few guests that don’t appear elsewhere.

Circles Off - 
I’ve just started this one from the beginning. I’ve listened to co-host Rob Pizzola on various podcasts previously, and he obviously knows the time of day. A decent array of guests too.

Business of Betting - 
Recently relaunched with a different host, some interesting guests on the earlier episode, and previous host Jake had a very easy interviewing style.

Inside Betting - 
A sporadic offering from Matthew Trenhaile. A shame it never really gained any traction at the time (I myself only found out about it well after the final episode) but Matthew is incredibly interesting, and clearly very knowledgeable.

The Bashcast - 
This is a hidden gem. An abundance of information on modelling soccer based on xG, via the correct score market (amongst many other useful nuggets). Really, really worth a listen.

The Business We’ve Chosen - 
Back across the pond for the final suggestion. This pod is pretty no-nonsense, and  not shy of throwing shade at most of Gambling Twitter. 
Not many episodes, but some are quite lengthy, and another where the guest line-up is pretty unique.

If you’re already familiar with some or all of the above, feel free to ignore.
Hopefully there will be a few useful recommendations in there, and it may go some small way towards repaying the debt we all owe to you for the continuously excellent blog.

Kind regards,
I think I'll start with The Bashcast on my next walk given the double really, but if other readers have their own favourite podcasts, I'd love to hear and share them. Matthew Trenhaile is someone I admire and have interacted with in the past, and Spanky I have also mentioned in this blog before. 
He certainly has an interesting background and his fulsome recommendation of Jack Moore's book led to me selling it for a three figure sum.  

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nfletch said...

Risk of Ruin is a great one. Not purely betting but great interviews from people with long careers in investing/gambling/betting space.