Saturday, 10 April 2010

Molte Grazie

Thanks to Thirsty for drawing (pun intended) my attention to a couple of dodgy Italian games. The first game between Lecce and Torino in Serie B this afternoon had the draw trading pre-game at 2.05 but the match finished 2-1 to Lecce.

Tomorrow in Serie A, relegation strugglers Bologna and Lazio seem to have agreed to settle for a point each with over £300k traded on the draw as low as 1.5 (currently 1.59) compared with around £6k on each of the two teams.


Anonymous said...

Good blog

strugar said...

You have just drawn my attention to this issue, too; I have checked odds from my local bookie, and not only Lecce vs. Torino, but three more yesterday matches in Seria B had odds for draw below evens: Albinolefe vs. Cesena, Citadela vs. Ascoli, and Modena vs. Sassuolo; but only last one finished in draw, and it had the lowest odds, 1.70. It seems bookies overreacted to rumours on possible draw, but unfortunately it didn't make odds for home or away win much more generous.

Out of Seria A, only game you mentioned has draw odds suspiciously low. I'll stay away from that, anyway...

Anonymous said...

Dodgy to us, mutually beneficial to Italians.

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